Deborah Thurlow

French Hornist

Press Clips

The Darwin Effect

The Horn Call - Calvin Smith - Volume XXXIX, No. 2, February 2009 

Deborah Thurlow and her colleagues are doing what we all should try to do - create and "say something" through the music 


The Horn Call – John Dressler – Volume XXXVI, No. 1, October 2005 

…performers may find great value in the literature on this particular disc . 

All About Jazz – Budd Kopman – October 2, 2005 

Thurlow is clearly a master of this area of musical composition and performance, attracting talented composers and performers into the orbit of Turn on the Music. 

I Am 

Computer Music Journal – Sandy Nordahl – Volume 27 – Issue 3 – Fall 2003 

Overall, this disc is an impressive endeavor. Ms. Thurlow really knows how to create a mood that hangs thick, like a fog clinging to the ground on a cold, full-moon night." 

Electronic Music Foundation – Joel Chadabe - December 2001 

"...chooses the music that she plays to allow her to create striking timbres that range from the reflective to the dramatic, from the romantic to the brash; and as she puts it all together, she emerges with an original and strong voice as instrumentalist and as composer... Thurlow plays horn, shofar , Tibetan singing bowl, and tingsha ; Eric Ross plays theremin and piano; Clive Smith electric guitar with devices ... In short, the very choice of instruments is surprising, and she uses them in various combinations to great effect." 

The Horn Magazine – Ian Wagstaff - December 2001 

"Forget Rattigan and Shilkloper , this jazz horn CD, entitled ‘I Am', is really different. Quite how different? Well, combine the Dalai Lama with Berlioz, throw in some Hebraic influence and you might be getting there. New Jersey horn player, Deborah Thurlow uses an eclectic mix of instruments...strong electronic influence." IAN WAGSTAFF 

The Horn Call – John Dressler - November 2001 

"Most of the music on this latest recording is atmospheric, metrically free, and soul-searching. Sections are reminiscent of music of Harry Partch , Rick Todd, and Tom Varner; other sections are pensive, subtle, and reverberant." – George Follett - October 4, 2001 

"At times, I Am , is also a study in contrasting derivations, sounding like a curious amalgam of early Stockhausen, the tone poetry of Diamanda Galas and the soundtrack to a '50s sci-fi movie." 

"The most satisfying track, Thurlow's The Chaotic World, mixes quasi-melodic string passages with the whirring theremin and clanging, pseudo-metal guitar riffs from Clive Smith. The contrasts of styles, tones and sensibilities are mesmerizing." 

Angelic Waves – Part 

Metaphysical Reviews – Richard Fuller - April 2002 

Composer and musician Deborah Thurlow now gives us an album that can lift the spirit of the listener while at the same time, offer the perfect means to meditation. And if that's not enough, Deborah Thurlow gave this reviewer a magic carpet that transported me to a better place, all within my heart.

Lunch at Moishe's Delicatessen (Live performance) 

New York Times - Allan Kozinn - June 15, 1991 

"The program also included Deborah Sandoval- Thurlow's `Lunch at Moishe's Delicatessen ,' an amusing inventively colorful score."